Swimwear For: Apple Shaped Body

Deflect attention from your tummy and show your legs! Check out our collection of amazing swimwear we have prepared specially for your body type. Tankini, one-piece swimsuits and much more is waiting for you at LLouvent!

Beautiful apple shaped feminine bodies require deflecting attention from the tummy area. You will look great in one-piece swimsuits, larger side bikini bottoms and tankinis! High-waist bottoms are highly recommended – they will camouflage your tummy.

Underwired tops with thick stripes will ensure you proper support, comfort and will shape your cleavage beautifully! Trendy tankini is a fantastic option for you. It comes in many fashionable colors, prints and patterns.

First of all: let’s check if you are an apple shape!

- Your bust is rather generous (though it is not a rule)

- You have broader shoulders

- You have rather narrow hips

- Your waist is not define

- You probably have a flat bottom - You have great legs!

Apples have a tendency to put on belly fat, may have round faces, have humps on their upper backs, and may have thin legs. But no worries - we have a huge swimwear offer for you! Sometimes you will find that this body type is also called “O” body type or round.

Now, a few simple tips concerning one-piece swimsuits:

- They can optically shape your body!

- Choose swimsuits with underwired tops

- Try thicker straps – they will make your shoulders look smaller

- Try a built in control “flat tummy”

- Pick swimsuits with side detailing or slimming black solid panels running down the sides – slimming effect guaranteed.

- You can choose a print all over – it will camouflage your tummy

- Swimwear that gathers on the side or in the middle can create an illusion of a smaller waist

Here you will find a summary of recommendations for anapple shapedbody:

- One-piece swimsuits: underwired models on thick straps

- Bikini: go for mix and match or tankini option!

- Tops: underwired models on thick straps (also in tankini version)

- Bottoms: lager side or high waist, some do have a flat tummy waits band buit-in

- Patterns: Calm patterns on the top part and more eye-catching on the lower. If one-piece: no patterns on the tummy unless vertical slimming onesor solid black blocks on the sides.

- Colors: Eye-catching colors on the bottom, more calm at the top and belly area should be in slimming, preferably dark colors.

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