Swimsuit For: Pear Body

A bottom hourglass, also known as the pear body type, has a clearly accentuated waist and a bust visibly smaller than the hips. The key in picking a swimsuit is for this body type is to find one that adds volume to your upper body while keeping the bikini bottom as simple as possible. You should also emphasize your waist to achieve a balanced silhouette.

First of all: lets check if you are a pear shape.

- Your hips are larger than your bust.

- You have a nice, well-defined waist.

- Your arms and shoulders are slim and proportional

- Your thighs are relatively bigger

- When you gain weight, it goes first to the legs, later to your tummy and upper body

Women with pear shaped body usually carry weight on the lower half of their body, around the thighs and hips. It is very common among women, so we have a huge swimwear offer for you.Sometimes you will find that this body type is also called “A” body type, triangle or a pyramid.

What bikini top for a pearbody type?

- Padded top, balconette or a push-up  to create more curves

- Padded halter with narrow stripes

- Choose flounces and frills

- Go for eye-catching patterns and colors

- Bandeau and strapless tops

- Try bardot or off the shoulder swimsuit models

What to avoid?

- Waistbands around your hips

- Frills, tassels and flounces on the lower parts

- Larger side bottoms or shorts – they will only highlight your wider hips

We hope that now bikini shopping will become easier and you will feel awesome on the beach this summer!

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