The perfect concert look

Looking for a last minute outfit for a concert and don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!! whether you are a fan of the infamous Drake  the sweetest taylor swift, we want you to look at your best. When it comes to a concert your outfit is almost as important as the artist performing. There are some musts to decide that one unique look. If the concert is indoors, wear clothes that are fresh and comfy to jump and dance around. For an indoor concert, make sure to have a pretty and comfy jacket to wear on top for that extra coverage. But the most important part is for this outfit is to make you feel comfortable and beautiful at all times, that's why our lovechell one-pieces are your best ally for that effortless and snatched look!!

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The Say so one-piece will totally fit your body like a glove making you feel it is your own skin, that sculpts and defines your curves for that snatched look. With our latest technology in shapewear of compressing fabrics for abdominal built-in control that cinches your waist. As well it has a built in bra that will support and elevate your chest making them look even more perky, at the same time being super comfortable with no underwire. That way when you are dancing or jumping no tummy fat will come out and your boobies will stay on place at all times!!

To pair your Say so one piece we’ve selected some super cute leather or black jean pants that will contrast with the texture of the bodysuit that you can easily find from your own closet. If you are looking to have a bit extra coverage and coziness, pair it with a detailed jacket from your wardrobe!! And finally  for the outfit give it that extra pop of color, wear some colorful sneakers that are comfortable and stylish at the same time!!

For an effortless makeup look, we bring to you the most trending and easy  options for you!! 

Glossy eyelid look: for a different type of makeup look, having a super glowy skin by uplying liquid highlighter on the high points of your face and on the lids apply base shadow of your color of choice, then layer with gloss of your choice on the eyelid of that dew finish on the lid!!









The eyeliner look: elevate your look with cat eyeliner that can be recreated in different shapes and places of your eyelid. Combining different colours of eyeliners to create a pop from your eyes. Contouring your crease with your eyeliner will give you a clean and sleek look!!












Pastel color eyeshadow look: this make up look will bring a pop to your face, keeping your skin simple and clean but applying to your eyes pastel coloured eyeshadow on the crease and tear duct. This will create a unique look rather than boring and it will take no time at all for those last minute plans!!


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