Lo que necesitas para tener el mejor día bajo el sol

It's no secret that we all love summer, the sun, the beach and that spectacular tan. However, it's also no secret that this is the time of the year that we should take the most care of our face, hair and skin from the sun. So today I bring you my summer favorites, not only to make you look amazing but also to take care of your skin and hair and always be hydrated with the best products.
best day at the beach product recommendations
  • Sunaid Gel
This gel sunscreen leaves my skin with an immediate dry touch effect and a matte finish. The best thing is that it takes perfect care of my skin, it gives me a broad spectrum protection against UVA radiation avoiding spots on my face and possible long-term diseases. 

I think that we must provide our skin with a complement as necessary as thermal waters that provide protection and care to our delicate skin.

I love it because it provides me with the minerals that my skin needs, leaving it softer and fresher. If your skin is sensitive like mine, it will benefit you because it has soothing properties.
  • C.E.O Glow Sunday Riley
From the first application I can see positive results in my skin and with daily use I noticed improvement in tone and firmness, this product is a compound of vitamins, seeds, nutrients, soothing and antioxidants that is responsible for giving extreme luminosity to my skin treating it from the inside.  

  • OLAPLEX N°6 Bond Smoother

Before going to the beach, I always apply OLAPLEX N°6 Bond Smoother recovery cream.
It helps me to moisturize, repair, reconstruct and protect my hair from damage, this cream will give you a powerful anti-frizz effect that lasts up to 72 hours. It is also ideal for any type of hair, especially bleached or chemically treated hair.
  • Aromatherapy Stress By Bath and Body Works
This is a must in my suitcase, because when I travel I like to enjoy the sea and the beach, but I also enjoy taking a bath after a hectic day.

I love all their lines and scents, they have a great variety of products and the best thing is that they always have many offers and good prices that you can take advantage of. It is definitely an ally in your daily routine.

  • Bamboo Brush
I have found a brush that is not only excellent for my hair care, it is also environmentally friendly because of its natural bamboo material. It stimulates the hair follicles in my hair, makes it grow faster and thicker, and prevents my hair from bursting. 
  • Fan 
My fan is something I always take with me on all my trips, especially in my handbag. Normally in a tropical destination it is essential to cool off anywhere in the heat that can become desperate. 

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