5 hairstyles for this holiday season

The holidays are right around the corner, which means many celebrations and parties are coming up!! that's why we've got you the perfect hairstyles that you can match with our beautiful lovechell swimsuit shape-wear to get some fantastic looks on those special occasions. 

1. Sleek bun with two braids 

For this easy and quick hairstyle, you will need some elastic ties, a brush, and a hair mousse. First, separate two front sections and form two braids on them, tie them with elastic ties. Then grab the rest hair and add some hair product of your choice to be able to work with your hair.  Pull it into a bun, and with the brush help yourself to grab all those flying baby hairs until you've got a sleek look. Finally, grab a tie and tie up the bun. Thats it, you've got a simple and easy hairstyle!!

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Pair this hairstyle with our beautiful new Jade one-piece shapewear. Pair it with some pants or skirt for a night out look. This will be the perfect combo with a classic touch of our swimwear and a modern look from the sleek hairstyle. 

2. Messy half up-do


 For this cute and elegant hairstyle you will need an elastic tie, brush, molding mousse product and curling iron. First, your going to use the curling iron to do some very natural and flowy waves on all of the hair. Then add molding mousse on the top section of your hair and section the part you want to tie up. Once you've got the achieved look, tie up the section. Finally grab some small baby hairs on the front and pull them out. 

Pair this hairstyle with our latest design of our collection "Dunas de mi corazon" terracota one-piece. The best part is, you can choose what side our two in one body suit you wan't to wear for that special occasion. That way you get two looks in one for any party or your vacation!!


3. Sleek bun with curly hair 

 For this classy and fun hairstyle, you will need an elastic tie, brush, molding mousse product, and small curling iron. First, add molding mousse to all of your hair. Then you are going grab your brush and do a bun with all of your hair, but it doesn't have to be a perfect bun, make sure to leave aside some loose hair. Once the loose strands our out, use the narrow curling iron to do some tight waves on all of the sections. That's the final look!!

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Match the final look with our new Oasis shape-wear one-piece is made to show off your figure with our latest technology using compressing fabrics for abdominal built-in control that snatches your waist. Designed as a one-shoulder body that has a beautiful detail of heart-shaped ruffles and a delicate adjustable strap on the other shoulder. Pair outfit with a skirt or pants making you feel, beautiful and confident in your own skin at all times!!

We have left you with some more easy hairstyles to pair with any of our lovechell swimwear, they are perfect and resistant for the beach, vacation or concert!!


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